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At the founding of our company, there was the idea of converting a diesel construction machine to electric for the first time in Turkey and in the world.'Electrical Drive Mof achineIn 2010, based on the initials EDM Foreign Trade Machinery Industry Inc.As  , it started electrical conversion activities with Atlas GmbH and E-Crane Turkey representation. We have been maintaining our leadership in the sector so far, by successfully completing the installation of systems and components whose R&D was carried out by us. However, our R&D studies continue in parallel with our transformation projects. 

In line with the ever-increasing demand in Turkey and in the world, our company has carried out the conversion of more than 200 diesel construction machines to electric.

EDM Foreign TradeWe have been the OEM product provider and solution partner of Atlas industrial excavators in Bremen/Germany factory for the last 5 years.

Our aim; To reduce the carbon footprint with 0 (zero) emissions by converting diesel construction equipment used in every field to electric in our rapidly industrializing and climate change world. Our electrical conversion services, which reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 35% and the fuel cost by 65% to 85% according to ISO 14064-1, continue with our after-sales services and provide high customer satisfaction.

Specializing in the electrical conversion of earthmoving and industrial excavators…

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Who are we?

We are a global leader company aiming to continue the pioneering in the conversion of construction equipment to electrical system.

What are we doing?

We are converting industrial excavators and construction machines to electrical systems with maximum performance and high quality.

What We Provide

Thanks to the conversion to the electrical system, we ensure continuity of performance, energy savings, '0' emissions, minimum maintenance costs and customer satisfaction.

What Are Our Goals?

Conversion of construction equipment to electrical system with an innovative approach  We aim to be beneficial to our customers and the world we live in.

HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY and EDM FOREIGN TRADE AND MAKINA A.S. has signed an international supplier contract for the electric conversion of diesel excavators.

Within the scope of this contract, the production, assembly and commissioning of kits for the turnkey electric conversion of diesel excavators existing in the EMEA region, especially in the mining sector, will be carried out. 

Our company, which has achieved many firsts in the world and in our country, EDM DIŞ TİCARET VE MAKİNA A.Ş. With 12 years of experience and more than 200 employees, he has transformed electrical construction equipment and cranes. We are proud to share these experiences and achievements worldwide within the framework of HITACHI cooperation.

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It is a conversion project made by using Electric Engine instead of Diesel Engine. The main goal in the Transformation Project is to preserve the original equipment of the construction machine as much as possible, and to carry out the disassembly and assembly applications in line with engineering principles.

Maintenance Service

EDM Foreign Trade has set itself the principle of providing the best and fastest maintenance, spare parts and service after the electrical conversion of excavators and other construction equipment.


Since 2011, EDM Foreign Trade has been in the place it deserves in the sector with a very serious knowledge from the electrical conversion of numerous construction equipment and port cranes.

International Service

With its engineering services and product quality in electrical conversions, it maintains its title as a leading company both in Turkey and abroad.


It has achieved high customer satisfaction with its very low energy cost, reduced carbon emissions and maintenance-free long-term operation opportunity, wide spare parts stock, and fast service.

The future?…

Our company has been around for more than 2 years,   It will continue its development with the transformation of battery-powered machines, which it carries out its R&D by following Lithium-Ion battery technology and will soon launch.

Our company, which is a global leader in electrical construction equipment,

It serves as a solution partner in the production line of the electric versions of the German / Atlas GmBH brand industrial excavators and Swedish / Multidocker brand industrial excavators, which are world brands.


Our Organizational Structure





Spare part


Mechanical Eng.
Technical office

Design and Planning

Mechanical Eng.







Electrical Engineer

Electric LV/MV

Electrical Electronics Eng.

Software and Automation

Project Managers /
Team Leaders

- Electricity
- Mechanical
- Hydraulic


Financial advisor


Our company, which is a global leader in electrical construction equipment, serves as a solution partner for the manufacturers of world brands of German/Atlas GmbH brand industrial excavators and Swedish/ Multidocker brand industrial excavators in the production line of their electric versions.

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